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11 Dec · admin · No Comments

Tips On How To Do Gymnastics At Home

Have you wondered how to do gymnastics at home? This is a particularly hard question to answer mainly because gymnastics, as a sport, usually needs a lot of special equipment and, above all, space to be done properly. Both of these factors are in somewhat short supply around the house. Let’s take tumbling for example. This is an acrobatic sport that perfectly combines both the skills required for artistic gymnastics, as well as the physical prowess of trampolining. Tumbling is a perfect activity for children to develop their motor and flexibility skills.
Unfortunately, however, tumbling also requires a special kind of floor mat, made out of horizontally-laid fiberglass rods, placed over two layers of foam mats. These elements together make the mat to be springy and act as a cushion in case of a fall. Under standard regulations, these tracks need to be 25 meters (82 ft) long by 2-meter (6.6 ft) wide – something which would be next to impossible to fit around an average home. And let’s not forget just how expensive these can be.
Nevertheless, for training purposes, the air track mat is the best compromise to be made. On the one hand, the air track mat is inflatable – which means that you can easily store it in a closet or basement until it is needed. It is also easy to use and move around, and because it only measures around 3 by 10 feet, depending on the model, you can position it in many rooms or hallways around the house. These air track mats are made in such a way so as to inflate and deflate in less than a minute and can be easily transported from the house to the yard, or to the beach.
All in all, when you ask yourself how to do gymnastics at home – whether it is for you, your spouse, or your children – the best answer is usually an air track mat. It offers a great deal of versatility, it is safe and easy to use, and it can be transported or stored pretty much anywhere with very little effort.

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