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All About Airtrack Factory Products

As a provider of gymnastics hardware, we have picked AirTrack Factory for the
brilliant quality that their items offer. They concentrate on quality and
endeavor to convey the best administration and most noteworthy quality items.
AirTrack Factory have more than 31 years of involvement in the generation of
inflatables and every one of their items accompany a 2 year guarantee. If air
items are cared for we once in a while observe an issue, however when issues do
happen we can direct you through repairs well ordered or on the other hand we
can offer a repair benefit for you.

AirTrack Factory items are produced using a twofold divider texture (DWF),
which is comprised of two layers of covered texture associated with each other
by a large number of little strings to guarantee a level stable surface to the
gymnastics mat. All items are sealed shut and the weight can be effectively
adjusted to the gymnasts weight and level.

Research on our AirTracks has demonstrated that competitors can perform
numerous a greater number of reiterations with less damage and weariness than
training on a standard Sprung Floor or Rod Track, This influences our items to
ideal for the individuals who need to prepare all day, every day.

Every one of our Products are light weight and simple to move! Ideal for the
Home or the Set-up/Pack-up Gym! Expansion is under 5 minutes for every one of
our items and a free pack is incorporated for capacity!

Our AirTracks are ideal for all competitors from fledgling to cutting edge and
have been completely tried to meet the most elevated of benchmarks around the
world! AirTrack Australia is pleased to help the Gymnastics SA Tramp SMC in
giving AirTracks to Tumbling Competitions! Get in touch with us to discover
more about AirTrack Tumbling Requirements.

AirTrack Training Set

The AirTrack Training set is ideal for home or School gymnastics, sufficiently
small to transport and store this set is perfect for all competitors from
fledgling to cutting edge!

Accessible in Blue or Pink. The Home training set does exclude the Cylinder but
rather it is accessible as an extra additional.

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